You’ve Suffered With Your Slice Problem For Too Long!  It’s Now Time For You To…
PERMANENTLY Fix Your Slice In Just 17 Days, Adding At Least 17 Yards Distance To Your Drives – Or I’ll Pay You $100

Hi, I’m Jeff Richmond and I’m the creator of a…

….unique, proven step-by-step plan to PERMANENTLY fix your slice in the quickest possible time…

….giving you a new, powerful DRAW ball flight which sends the golf ball down the fairway, straighter and longer than ever before…

….leaving your playing partners scratching their heads…

 …wondering how the heck you’ve become such a great ball striker — almost overnight!

And if you don’t achieve this, not only will I give you a full refund…but I’ll pay you an extra $100 for wasting your time.

Why am I so confident that MY system is going to permanently fix your slice when no doubt, you’ve probably tried lots of things to fix your slice with no long lasting results?

Well, here’s my story of how all of this came about….

One day, not long after I started playing golf as a teenager, I was hitting balls on the driving range.

There were trees all down the right….and I was doing what most slicers do, causing my ball to start to the left of my target and then banana slice into the trees.

But I was very lucky that day…

You see, as I was hitting balls the local pro was on the driving range as well, giving a lesson to another golfer.

After he finished the lesson he came over and asked me if I wanted to fix my slice.

“Heck yeah,” I said….“but HOW?”

He then proceeded to give me a few pointers to help me fix my slice, like strengthening my grip….

…but it was ONE WORD he said to me
that made ALL the difference.

It felt awkward at first but…

By applying this one word, I started hitting the ball straighter…almost immediately.

Within a couple of weeks I was actually starting the ball to the right of my target, and having the ball draw back to the target.

It was awesome!

I gained at least 30 yards in distance…and my confidence levels skyrocketed.

For example, on my home course we had a par 5 with out of bounds all down the right.  As a slicer I was scared of this hole, and I would try to aim way to the left to NOT hit it out of bounds.

Of course, I would often hit a banana slice out of bounds — but now….

I would actually aim AT the out of bounds fence, confident that I would draw the ball back to the middle of the fairway.  And I did 99 times out of 100!

The difference from a few weeks before was like NIGHT AND DAY!

And it was largely all down to one word this pro said to me.

As the years went by, I focused on improving my own game so I could turn pro, and didn’t notice that…

At Least 80% Of Golfers Suffer With A Slicing Problem

It wasn’t until I turned pro and taught golfers, did a realize how serious this problem is.  And how it destroys so many golfers games by getting them into trouble off the tee, hitting shots a lot shorter than they should be, and causing fear on holes with trouble down the right.

So I started teaching golfers the secret method I was taught to fix my slice….with a 100% success rate!

Word soon spread and people started coming to me from miles away to get their slice fixed.  It was at that point, I decided to see why this was happening.  Surely there must be other people and things out there, that will fix a golfer’s slice!?

But I was shocked to find that everything that claimed to help fix a golfers slice…

Missed The One Crucial Ingredient
Needed To Fix It Permanently

….that I learned years earlier.

Sure, a lot of slicers fix their slice…but most don’t do it for good.  It always comes back like a dog to a bone.

So I’m here to tell you, that not finding a permanent solution to your slice problems has NOT been your fault.  Because you’ve never been taught the overall concept that can be summed up in one word, which is needed to fix your slice for good.

And because of this lack of something to cure a golfer’s slice permanently, I decided to put my system down on paper and sell it on the Internet.  Since doing this golfers from all around the world have received amazing results from following this system.  Here’s just a few examples…

“This system has given me an extra 15 to 20 yards on my drives.  I am also now more consistent.  But the best thing is that the right side of the course is not one I dread anymore.  Before this system my ball would go both to the right and left of the fairway.  Now I’ve taken the right side out of play which is awesome and has given me a lot more confidence.

One thing I really like about this system is it had a definite purpose with very clear instructions and great pictures and videos so I knew exactly what I should be doing each day.  The daily format was great. “

Grant Meyer, New York, USA

“After working through this program my ball flight now is straight with a little draw at the end.  This is a B-I-G improvement from my previous slice ball flight.   The instructions were very easy to follow and understand.  My drives are now a good 20 – 25 yards longer thanks to this program.  I have tried numerous other things but this is the only thing that has worked.  I’m lucky to have found it.  Thanks!”

Mark Benson, North Carolina, USA

“This program has helped me to contact the ball consistently with a square and sometimes a closed clubface.  Before starting this program I had a nice slice that used to get me in trouble.  But now I am confident the ball is either going to go straight or curve to the left a little at the end getting me some much needed extra run.  I enjoy playing golf more after completing this program and I return to it often for a refresher.  As a result my scores are dropping week by week and that’s fun.”

Tom White, Missouri, USA

Impressive results right?

Well, it’s now time to add your results to the list by following The Slice Cure system.

And when you do, you’ll find it’s NOT hard to permanently fix your slice.

But like anything, it’s next to impossible if you’re following the wrong advice…

In fact, the advice you’ve been given to fix your slice so far, has been like someone gave you a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with 100 pieces missing!

So I’m going to give you ALL the pieces of the puzzle — to once and for all, permanently fix your slice.

When you get The Slice Cure system and follow it you’ll…

  • Hit the ball straighter, longer and more consistently than ever before
  • Have more powerful and solid shots, which will help you to enjoy playing golf so much more
  • Have way more confidence, because you’ll know how to control the flight of your golf ball to get it to go where you want
  • Love the feeling you get when you see the ball drawing powerfully
  • Feel like a better golfer because of your professional looking power draw
  • Show off to your playing partners with your increased distance

And you’ll achieve all of this because….

  • You get fully explained, detailed instructions (in a 176 page PDF) complete with over 241 photos and 12 videos, that will speed up your learning and…GUARANTEE you the thrill and joy of hitting long, powerful draws in the quickest possible time
  • You’ll find the drills and exercises are quick and easy to follow and do
  • You’re given step-by-step instructions that have been tested, and are proven to turn your fade/slice into a draw, with lightening like speed
  • The instructions are written in easy to understand language, that any golfer of any level can follow — and this means you’ll never find yourself ever wondering what to do next
  • You’re given 17 lessons that are arranged into a systematic order, starting at the grip and progressing through each fundamental phase of the setup…followed by each stage of the swing until the completion when you will have…replaced your weak slice with a powerful, professional looking draw
  • Each day you’re told exactly what you should be doing to progress to the next stage, and this means…you’ll stay on track and keep focused on completing each task until you reach your goal of drawing the ball
  • If you’re a left hander, you’ll be delighted to know that there are full written instructions, just for you, as well as color instructional photos, just like right handers get
  • Each daily exercise only takes 15 minutes, and almost all of the day’s activities can be done in the comfort of your home
  • You’ll save time, money and the frustration of trying to put other pieces of information together into a detailed plan because…it’s already done for you and guaranteed to work!
Gained at least 30 yards with this system!…
“This system has for the first time allowed me to hit a draw.  I’ve never in my life hit a draw before.  As a result my drives have gone from averaging about 220 yards to over 250 yards!  This is the best system I have ever seen to fix a slice.  Not a lot of technical instructions and lot’s of pictures so I knew exactly what I should be doing. Just do this, do that and you’ll fix your problem.  Worked for me and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for any other golfer with a slice.”

Stu Sanderson, Texas, USA

Here’s What You’ll Get Each Day From My Unique
System, That Will Fix Your Slice Within 17 Days…
Day 1…
  • The single most powerful way to grip the club, so you stop your slice FAST and hit the ball straight, long and consistent like a pro.
  • Get my amazingly simple 30 SECOND GRIP TEST… and discover whether you’re holding the club with your left hand in a way that will encourage a draw.  Pass the test and you’re on your way to longer, straighter shots. Fail the test and sadly, you will be doomed to a golfing life of slicing IF you don’t change your grip to pass the test.
  • Did you know… if your golf grips (the rubber things on your golf clubs) are a certain size it will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to fix your slice? Don’t worry… I’ll give you a QUICK and SIMPLE test you can perform to discover whether your grips are the right size. If they’re not, you could forever be “a slicer”.
  • Should you use an Interlocking or Overlap grip to help you fix your slice? The answer will shock you AND if you’re using the wrong one of these grips it will be next to impossible for you to hit powerful, professional looking draws.
Day 2…
  • The secret place in your stance where you need to position the golf ball….helping you hit straighter, longer shots, and enjoy the feeling of seeing the ball curve from right to left, like the top golfers do.
  • Did you know, there’s a way to position your front foot that will encourage a professional draw? It’s true…and without knowing WHAT that position is, you could forever be making a slice your default shot (find out the correct feet positioning on page 32).
Day 3…
  • A special trick to test how far you’re standing away from the ball. Then you can program yourself to stand a specific distance from the ball, which will help you to hit powerful draws in record time.
Day 4…
  • My secret method for aligning, so you can experience the thrill of hitting straighter shots almost immediately.
Day 5…
  • On Day 5 you’ll get the proven complete setup needed to fix your slice in the fastest possible time. You’ll know ALL the important elements of the setup you need to change, to turn your weak slice into a powerful draw in record time.
Attention Left Handers!

All of the daily instructions AND pictures have been converted, just for you! No more trying to convert right handed instructions to left handed. That’s tough, confusing and slows down your improvement progress.  I’ve done all the conversion for you so you can make improvements fast, so you hit the ball better, quicker than you ever thought possible.

Day 6…
  • You get 3 tried and tested drills that will almost force you to…take the club away correctly, so that your golf swing gets off to the start needed to fix your slice. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your shots start going straighter and longer as a result of doing these simple drills.  Plus, you get instant feedback with these drills, so you know whether you’re doing them correctly.  Plus…you can do all of the 3 drills in the comfort of your home.
Day 7…
  • You’ll get a simple, yet very effective, way to feel and groove getting the club into the correct position when the club is parallel with the ground, just after you’ve completed the take-away.  Without getting into this correct position you’ll always struggle and be frustrated with your slice getting you into trouble.
Day 8…
  • A deadly mistake golfers make when turning their shoulders, which causes a slice to be basically the ONLY type of shot they CAN hit.  But you’ll discover how to groove the correct shoulder motion, so that a powerful, professional looking draw is guaranteed.
Day 9…
  • You get my secret method I use to teach golfers the correct swing plane needed to fix a slice for good.
Day 10…
  • A tried, true and tested method for fixing your over the top swing problem, that is causing you to start the ball to the left of your target.  Once you do this very strange, but very effective drill (that you’ve never seen before), you’ll be able to start the ball to the right of your target and get it drawing back like a pro.
Now hits it straight, with occasional draw…
“Before I tried this system I would hit the ball pretty straight most of the time but about 30% of my shots would slice. After completing this system I now hit it straight with the occasional draw and NO slices!  My swing is now more powerful and my confidence has risen dramatically.  Over the years I have read a lot of instructional advice but nothing has stuck.  This system has finally fixed my slice problem for good.  And the great thing is now I can spend more time on improving my short game. I can’t thank you enough!”

Dan Hunter, North Carolina, USA

Day 11…
  • You get the simplest and most effective method, to teach yourself (while sitting down!) the release needed to get more power in your shots – not to mention more accuracy.
  • You get the single, most powerful way to get your hands more active near impact so you can turn the ball over right to left with ease.  Finally…you’ll get to experience what the pro’s feel every time they hit the ball.
  • Find out one of the best drills to learn the correct, perfectly timed release through impact, so your shots fly longer, straighter and with less effort.
Day 12…
  • The single, most powerful way to just hit balls, that WILL train you to hit professional draws.  This is so simple it’s amazing! (see page 121)
  • My secret method — that you won’t see anywhere else — for teaching golfers how to attack the ball from the inside, and powerfully release the clubface through impact…so the ball starts out to the right of the target, and gently turns back just like clockwork.
Day 13…
  • A proven drill that will force you to use your wrists correctly, so you hit powerful draws in record time. 
Day 14…
  • Did you know…the movement your right shoulder makes on the downswing will largely dictate whether you can ever hit consistent,  powerful draws or not? It’s true….and that’s why on Day 14 of The Slice Cure you get a simple, yet powerful drill (that you can do in the comfort of your home) to learn…how to move your right shoulder correctly, so you can hit powerful draws with machine like precision.
Day 15…
  • One simple drill, that will give you immediate feedback, whether you’ve completed what is necessary to fix your slice for good.  If you fail this drill I give you the specific drills you need to work on so the next time you’ll pass.  And if you pass the drill you’ll be swinging from the inside, and putting powerful draw spin on the ball — so you hit longer, straighter shots, with more consistency than you’ve ever dreamed possible.
On my bad days my slice is now a fade…
“After completing this system I am playing the best golf of my life.  My bad days are better than my best days used to be and on my bad days my old slice is now a fade.  On the good days my ball goes straight with a little draw at the end and I have gained about 20 yards in distance.  This system was very easy to understand with all the pictures.  I have bought books, taken lessons, gone to golf schools etc., etc but nothing has helped like your system has!”

Kevin Smart, Texas, USA

Day 16…
  • Discover the shocking truth about your golf clubs, which means you can do everything physically perfectly and STILL slice the ball.  That’s why on Day 16 of The Slice Cure Program, you’ll be let in on the secrets of your equipment that you may need to change, if you passed the Day 15 test and still can’t hit consistent draws.
Day 17…
  • Finally on Day 17, you’ll learn how to setup to the ball so you can hit the shape of shot YOU want, at will.    Whether you want to hit a draw, hook or even a fade…you’ll be in control of the ball and be able to work your ball around the course like the pro’s do, giving you the ball control you’ve always dreamed of.

By now you’re probably wondering…

What’s The Price For This Unique Slice Cure Program?

Well, you have two ordering options.

1. You can purchase The Slice Cure Program, which includes a 176 page PDF (over 241 pictures!) and 12 videos for a one time payment of just $47.


2. Get The Slice Cure Program, which includes a 176 page PDF (over 241 pictures!) and 12 videos for just $17 and get the following for FREE (worth $377.90) when you join the online Consistent Golf School…

New Student Benefit #1: The Problems And Solutions Database

As a student of the online Consistent Golf School you’ll have full access to a BIG database that will quickly give you the solution to virtually any golfing problem you’re having.

Screenshot Of What You'll See In The Students Only Area

You see, this database contains 412 (and growing) answers to golfers problems. And these solutions are arranged in a very logical order so you’re bound to find the solution to practically any golfing problem you’re ever going to get, and fast. Here is a sample of just some of the problems you’ll get solutions to when you become a student today…

Problem – I seem to jerk the club away instead of taking it away smoothly and this happens with all my clubs. Do you have any techniques, which will fix this?

Problem – What should my shoulders and hips be doing in my backswing so I get the most power possible?

Problem – I’m missing too many easy three footers and my confidence is diminishing with each miss. Please tell me what I can do to improve my short putting confidence?

Problem – I am lacking in feel and distance control around the greens. What can I do to improve my touch?

Problem – When I’m in between clubs I don’t know whether I should swing easier with more club or swing harder with less club. What do you think?

Valued At $97

New Student Benefit #2: Free Help And Support From A Golf Professional

Naturally the problems and solutions database is huge value. But sometimes you’ll just want to get some personal advice about your current problem. And as a student of the Consistent Golf School if you have any golfing questions or problems simply send them in and you’ll get a response back from me personally (Jeff Richmond) within 24-48 hours (generally sooner) Monday-Friday.

Valued At $50 Per Month

New Student Benefit #3: One Free Video Lesson Per Month

When you join the online Consistent Golf School now you’ll get one free video lesson to redeem when you want per month. So simply send me your swing on video (full instructions on what you need to do for this are in the student only website) and I will analyze your swing and send you back advice and a plan on what are the main things you need to work on improving.

Valued At $50 Per Month

New Student Benefit #4: 7 Days To 30 More Yards

What golfer wouldn’t want 30 more yards? Well, in this great ebook you’ll get 3 elements that you need to focus on for 7 days to do exactly that. In the first element you’ll pick up 5 – 10 yards. In the 2nd element you’ll gain up to 22 yards in distance. That’s backed by scientific proof too! Then in the 3rd element you’ll pick up 5 – 10 yards. This is all possible within 7 days and only when you get and apply the information in this ebook. Here’s some little snippets of what you’ll learn in this program…

  • How one little change in your setup can add yards to your golf drives
  • The 3 things in your backswing you must focus on for longer drives
  • How to start your downswing for explosive power
  • The one move in your golf swing that you’re probably making that will be robbing you of at least 10 yards of distance
  • How to cure a slice so you can gain back the distance your slice is costing you
  • The secret move you must make in the downswing for the most power possible at impact

Here’s some results golfers have received with this program:

“This plan for longer drives was very logical and well thought out. As a result from following the suggestions contained I have picked up 20 yards in extra distance. I have not implemented all the suggestions to date so hope to pick up a further 10 yards when I do. I cannot recommend this plan high enough. It was the distance breakthrough that I have been looking for. Thank you.”

Fred Marksman, Arizona, USA

“I followed the plan outlined in this program for a good 30 days and consequently gained at least 15 yards distance. I didn’t implement all of the suggestions but I am pretty happy with the outcome!”

Don Hensby, New York, USA

Valued At $47

New Student Benefit #5: How To Fix Your Swing Plane

There’s a damn good chance that your swing plane is the exact opposite of what it should be to hit great golf shots – consistently. But now in this 3 step How To Fix Your Swing Plane program you will discover how you can have the swing plane of a top PGA Tour pro. Here’s what one golfer had to say after completing this program:

“I went out last weekend and played my first round of golf since getting the program and following it and I really smoked the ball. I am so happy to say I shot an 84. I typically don’t break 100!

My golf game has dramatically improved by hitting the ball much farther and with much more accuracy. The information you supplied me has changed my game completely.

I now believe that I have the swing and confidence to play in local tournament here. Thanks so much for the help.”

Chris Robertson, AZ, USA

Valued At $47

New Student Benefit #6: Two New Product Reviews Per Month

On the 1st and 15th of each month you’re going to receive a new product review. You see, I’m constantly reading and researching other golf products to not only keep learning and improving my knowledge and skills but to also see if these products are worth you buying. And if they’re not I let you know in no uncertain terms so you won’t waste your money.

Here’s a very small sample of the types of reviews you’ll be getting twice a month when you signup to the online Consistent Golf School….

Golf MVP Red Heat

This training aid claims to…

  • put your swing perfectly on plane and in-the-slot
  • train delayed release of your hands for more powerful,
    solid shots
  • increase lag for maximum velocity at impact
  • give immediate feedback for rapid improvement

Also Golf’s MVP guarantees to add distance to your drives and lower your scores! Sounds great but will this training aid live up to the hype. Read my review to find out.

Tour Striker Golf Training Club

This training club claims to be the first club that teaches you the tour player´s secret to ball striking. It promises to help you…

  • develop more lag,
  • increase club head speed, and
  • tour quality impact just by practicing with the Tour Striker.

Read my review to see if it will do this OR not.


This training aid claims to…

  • Increases Clubhead Speed
  • Develops Proper sequencing
  • Eliminates casting or throw
  • Increases lag
  • Improves Balance
  • Improves angle of approach
  • Improves center-face contact
  • Increases the ability to pinch a ball off a tight surface
  • Promotes a full finish

That’s a lot of claims. Read my review to see if it lives up to any of these claims or not.

Monthly Product Reviews Valued At $20 Per Month

Also…Every 7 Days For The First 12 Weeks That You Remain A Member Of The Online Consistent Golf School You’ll Get The Following Free Bonuses:

Week 1 Bonus: Top Secret Golfing Confidence Audio

When you join the online Consistent Golf School now you’ll also be able to download FREE (in 7 days from now) the digital version (i.e. you can download it to your computer) of a golfing confidence CD that has been sold for $24.95.

This audio exposes you to a secret mental technique that some of the top professional golfers in the world have used to automatically program their minds for golfing success. After 30 days of continuous listening to this audio this is what you can expect….

  • Improved confidence and concentration on the golf course.
  • Makes golf easier and more fun.
  • Helps to eliminate fear when playing any shot.
  • It will save you practice time because you can have the audio playing in the background and be doing what you normally would, while your golf game is being improved!

This audio has been sold as a CD for $24.95 and has been used by thousands of golfers all around the world. But this digital audio (2 mp3′s) is yours FREEwhen you join the online Consistent Golf School now. And here’s just one comment from a golfer who has listened to this audio…

“My handicap has slipped out from a 12 to a 18 over the last 6 months or so. It was all a mental thing. I started listening to this audio and my old confidence started coming back as if by magic. Within a couple of months of having this audio playing my golf game has improved so much I’m back to where I was 6 months ago. I can’t believe it! When you hear people say that golf is 90% mental they’re right!”

Ted Baxter, California, USA

Valued At $24.95

Week 2 Bonus: The Short Game Report: What You Need To Focus On To Up And Down It Much More Often

This is similar to bonus #5, but different and complimentary because in this report you’ll learn every major thing that you need to focus on improving so you can up and down it much more often. For example, in this report you’ll discover…

  • The 3 things you need to have a great short game.
  • What the very first thing is you need to focus on to master the short game.
  • Where you should grip the club for chip and pitch shots for more short game success.
  • Two things that should be present at the end of each short game swing to help ensure a great shot.
  • The simple setup changes you must make to play successful bunker shots.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Valued At $27

Week 3 Bonus: The One-Putt Mindset Training Module

When you join the online Consistent Golf School now, you’ll also receive a special, 9 minute, mental training session designed to give you the One-Putt Mindset. And you can do this mental training session right at your computer.

When you use this training module you’ll be programming your mind to hole your first putt, which naturally will help you to lower your scores. Plus when you use this training module you’ll discover it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done to improve your putting….because you can do it with your eyes closed!

Valued At $14.95

Week 4 Bonus: Hitting The Driver Made Easy

It’s no secret that most golfers struggle to get full benefit out of the longest and most powerful golf club in their bag. But hitting the driver consistently long and straight is not as hard as you may think. Especially when you join now and get this new ebook called “Hitting The Driver Made Easy”. Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover in this ebook:

  • The most important aspect of a driver that will affect your performance. (see page 4)
  • How to choose the correct loft for a driver that will help you to get maximum distance for your swing speed. (see pages 6 & 7)
  • What specifically you should do when teeing the ball up to massively increase your chances of a great drive. (see page 9 for this)
  • The grip you should use for long, booming drives. (see pages 10 & 11 for full details on this)
  • What you should be doing when taking the club away to guarantee longer and straighter drives (see pages 15 & 16)

Here’s what a golfer had to say after reading and applying this information…

“My driver was causing me fits so I quickly read this book upon joining. After applying just one of the suggestions in this book my driving improved dramatically. I picked up a good 10 yards and my drives are so much straighter now. Thanks!”

Don Bright, Texas, USA

Valued At $19.95

Week 5 Bonus: How To Get Out Of Bunkers First Time Every Time And…Close To The Hole!

If you struggle to get the ball out of bunkers and close to the hole then this ebook is quickly going to become a favourite with you. When you read this ebook you’re going to discover exactly what you need to do so you can become a great bunker player. Here’s what one student of mine had to say after reading and applying the instructions in this ebook:

“I used to be scared when I saw my ball in a bunker but after reading this book and practicing the instructions in it my confidence out of bunkers has increased 10 fold. I can now get out of bunkers every single time without any problems whereas before I was lucky to get the ball out of the bunker on the first try. Now whenever I see my ball in the bunker I’m not afraid about what will happen. In fact, I actually now enjoy the challenge of trying to get my bunker shots close to the hole. The last time I played I got a 20 yard bunker shot to within 3 feet of the cup! The help in this book has made me enjoy playing golf a lot more. Thank you!”

Jeff Bryant, Texas, USA

Valued At $27

Week 6 Bonus: The Long Game Report: What You Need To Focus On To Become A Consistent Ball Striker

In this report you’ll find out everything you need to focus on to become a consistent ball striker and it’s all backed up with proof from PGA Tour players. After reading this report you’ll discover…

  • Where you need to position the ball to become a consistent ball striker.
  • What you must do in the backswing to hit the golf ball as long as possible.
  • The real power side in your golf swing.
  • What exactly should happen in your swing during the transition, downswing and at impact.
  • One thing that happens in the follow-through that should not happen at any other point in your swing.
  • Why trying to swing with rhythm and timing is wrong.
  • The important aspects of equipment and what to check and adjust specifically to fit you.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Valued At $27

Week 7 Bonus: Short Game Secrets – How To Get It Up-And-Down Consistently

If you want to get up and down more, whether you’re chipping, pitching or playing a bunker shot then you’re going to love this ebook. Because in it you’re going to discover….

  • How to keep your wrists firm as you’re chipping.
  • One of the best ways to improve your chipping accuracy.
  • How to hit your pitch shots the exact distance you want them to go.
  • The best drill to help you hit the ball first when pitching and chipping.
  • The biggest reason golfers struggle out of bunkers, along with the best solution.
  • Plus much, much more.

Read what this golfer had to say about this ebook:

“I used to stub my chips all the time and I have tried a lot of different tips and drills without any solution. But when I tried your drills that I’ve never seen before I was cured! This has taken off at least 5 shots per round from my scores because I would always stub about that many every game. Not any longer! I’m actually enjoying chipping now!”

Jeff Cook, California, USA

Valued At $19.95

Week 8 Bonus: The Putting Game Report: What To Focus On To Become A Great Putter

In this report you’ll find out everything you need to focus on to become a great putter. After reading this report you’ll discover…

  • The putting success formula.
  • The very first thing you need to focus on to become a great putter.
  • What the two most important aspects of any putter you choose are.
  • What you must do with your grip to improve your consistency.
  • What you must do when you’re walking up to the ball to help you hole more putts.
  • The only place where you should practice your putting mechanics.
  • Why all putting strokes should take the same amount of time — regardless of the length of putt.
  • The first thing you should do to improve your green reading.
  • Plus much, much more.

Valued At $27

Week 9 Bonus: How To Stop 3 Putting

There’s no doubt about it….3 putting is one of the most frustrating parts of golf because every time you do it you’ve wasted at least one shot.

Just imagine if you stopped 3 putting. How many shots will you save when you do that?

Well, in this ebook you’re going to learn…

  • The crucial things you need to work on to stop 3 putting for good.
  • How to improve your lag putting.
  • How to hole more short putts with confidence.
  • How to read greens like a book.
  • The simple technique to predict how fast (or slow) a putt will be.
  • Plus much, much more!

“Every game I would have 5 – 6 three putts. It was killing me! I tried a lot of things to fix this without success. I read this report with a lot of skepticism but I tried some of the suggestions out of desperation. Before long my 3 putts started getting less and just yesterday I had a round without a 3 putt. I am over the moon! Thanks for putting this report together. The advice was simple, to the point and most importantly….worked!!!!”

John Baker, Oregon, USA

Valued At $19.95

Week 10 Bonus: How To Take Your Practice Game To The Course

If you can play great golf shots when you’re practicing but struggle to take it to the golf course then this book is going to be a great asset for you, because when you read it you’ll find out….

  • What you must do the night before a game of golf to give yourself the best chance of success.
  • The 2 important things you should do as you’re driving to the golf course to almost guarantee a good round.
  • A checklist of what to do before and during the first tee shot to help you get off the first tee successfully.
  • 9 things you can do between your shots to help take shots off your scores.
  • The 6 things you should do after each game to help improve the next time you play.
  • Plus tons more!

“I would always hit it great on the range but on the course it all went wrong. It was very disappointing to know I could hit it so good but not on the golf course. I was searching for a solution when I received this book as being a student. I diligently applied a lot of the suggestions and almost immediately my range form arrived on the golf course. This has been a life saver for me!”

Jim Burt, Florida, USA

Valued At $29.95

Week 11 Bonus: How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis

If you’ve been frustrated by not being able to repeat your great golf shots then you’ve got to read this eBook. Because when you do you’ll discover…

  • How to be focused yet relaxed at the same time when you’re swinging.
  • How fears like missing a putt can be kept in control.
  • How to conquer conscious fear when you’re faced with tough shots. How to swing automatically with your subconscious mind.
  • How you’ve used self-hypnosis almost every day without even knowing it! And how to use it to improve your golf game quickly and easily.
  • Plus tons more!

Valued At $29.95

Week 12 Bonus: Anger Management MP3

We all suffer with anger on the golf course from time to time and some golfers more than others. :-) Either way, you need to know how to manage your anger so it doesn’t ruin your golf game.

And this bonus will help you do exactly that by programming your mind to handle anger in the best way possible so you score lower than you would have otherwise. I recommend that you listen to it once a day for at least 14 days, and then monitor your results on the course.

Valued At $19.95

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And so as you’re sitting there reading this, imagine how you would feel fixing your slice and hitting the ball consistently longer and straighter down the fairway with a powerful draw. Imagine yourself hitting the ball 10, 20 or even 30 yards further than you are now.

But you know, to achieve this you’ve got to do something completely different than all the things you’ve tried in the past to fix your slice.  And with the one over-riding concept that you’ll find in The Slice Cure Program, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!

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“I haven’t quite finished the system yet but already my shots are much more solid and I’ve gained at least 20 yards.  I’ve read a lot of things on fixing a slice and watched a lot of videos but none seemed to help long term but yours has.  It has been very enjoyable to work through the system at my own leisure and golf is now much more enjoyable because I’m much more often in the fairway!”

Guy Clark, New York, USA

But if you don’t get this program right now you’ll probably always have your slice problem, and you’ll never hit the ball as well as you hoped, or think you’re capable of. You’ll always feel frustrated with your ball striking.

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Chris Sanderland, California, USA

Look, life is too short to be frustrated with your golf game.

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P.S. The Slice Cure guarantees to teach you how to draw the ball in just 17 days, adding at least 17 yards distance to your shots.  This system comes with a No Hassles, No Questions Asked, 60 Day (More Than) Money Back Guarantee.  And, if after 17 days of following the instructions for just 15 minutes a day you’re not hitting the ball longer than you did before you started, you will also receive $100 just for wasting your time!

Shots consistently straighter now…
“After going through this system my shots are going consistently straighter and my distance has improved at least 20% which is a significant increase on my drives.  This system was simple and easy to follow and has helped me to enjoy playing golf a lot more now.  Thanks!

Scott Davis, Florida, USA